I. Policies and General terms

FPT CLOUD CONNECT is the enhanced enterprise solution with completely private access to application services in a simple, effective, and secured manner, based on the most popular cloud services providers. The service is owned by FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) – the leading company in telecommunications sector in Vietnam and its regions. Sales e-commerce website https://cloudconnect.vn belongs under control of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company, whose purpose is to supply enterprises with private connectivity between AWS, Azure, GCP... and a datacenter, an office, or a colocation environment, which can benefit in lowering their network costs, increased bandwidth throughput, and a more consistent and stable network experience than Internet-based connections

II. Terms and payment form

Customers have to use Bank Transfer method. Below is our Bank account information:

III. Terms for service installation

IV. Warranty and maintenance policy

The provided service is an online service, accordingly, no policies on warranty and maintenance are available. We guarantee the service quality set forth under the SLA.

V. Cancellation, return and refund

After registering for FPT CLOUD CONNECT service, Customer shall not be allowed to cancel, change or be refunded in any circumstances.

VI. Privacy policy

For the purpose of ensuring safety for the website and privacy of customer’s information, FPT CLOUD CONNECT regulates privacy policy applicable to individual customers and organizations when creating accounts on the website https://cloudconnect.vn.

The term “You” used hereinafter refers to individual customers or organizations when accessing and using the service set forth on the website https://cloudconnect.vn.

We keep the right to change, update, and supplement this policy at any time. The amended version shall come into effect at the time of an update. If You continue to use the website https://cloudconnect.vn following an update to the privacy policy, You signify that You understand and accept to be bound by the Privacy Policy of FPT CLOUD CONNECT.